Short Term Rehabilitation Helps Mr. Robinson Regain Independence

Randy Robinson had not been feeling well for awhile. After a stay in the hospital he decided that it would be best for him to go to a skilled nursing center for rehabilitation to regain some strength and independence before returning to his home.  When he arrived at Dimondale Nursing Care Center he was  unable to walk, do the daily chores he needed to do in his home and just felt like he was unable to care for himself.  He decided to come to Dimondale  because it had been highly recommended and he liked the location.

After a short stay in our rehabilitation program, Mr. Robinson got his strength back enough that he was able to return home and care for himself and begin doing the things he enjoyed again.  He went back to cooking, cleaning, and was even able to pull the weeds out of his lawn.

Mr. Robinson said it was hard to leave the facility.  “Everyone was so friendly and eager to help. The care and the food was exceptional.”

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